Money supply volatility and the macroeconomy

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Apostolos Serletis, Libo Xu, (2018), Money supply volatility and the macroeconomy, World Economics Association (WEA) Conferences, No. 1 2018, Monetary Policy after the Global Crisis, 19th February to 2nd April, 2018


This paper extends the ongoing literature on the macroeconomic effects of money supply volatility. We use monthly data for the United States and a bivariate, Markov switching, structural vector error correction (VEC) model that is modiffed to accommodate GARCH-in-Mean errors to isolate the effects of money growth volatility on output growth. The model allows us to study how monetary uncertainty affects economic growth across different macroeconomic regimes.

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  • monetarypolicyconferenceadmin says:

    A paper shows very good potential. I think that you made a right decision in terms of GARCH.

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